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Lowongan Kerja Pacific Oil and Gas - Aceh (Perlak)

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Pacific Oil & Gas (Perlak) Ltd is a Partner of Operations Cooperation (Kerja Sama Operasi) with Pertamina EP for Perlak Block in East of Aceh, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam. Following the company strategy to expand, we are inviting experienced, highly committed and well-qualified professionals to join our existing team on the following roles:

Operation Superintendent (OS) – Perlak (Aceh) Based

Lead and direct production and maintenance team to optimize and maintain the production facilities and wells. Manage production and maintenance programs for non-reserve assets by developing and implementing strategic production and maintenance management systems for the profitable operation of all surface and sub-surface equipment and facilities of an assigned field to achieve established objectives in the safest, most productive manner while remaining within approved budget and guidelines of company policies.

Field Manager (FM) – Perlak (Aceh) Based

Plan, lead and manage field infrastructure, production and maintenance of the field operation. Develop and implement effective and efficient operation and maintenance systems and program to achieve safe and productive field operation. Maintain good performance in SE and QA/QC areas. Possessed KATEK/ WAKATEK Certificate & proven track record, and familiar with oil & gas budgeting system (WP&B, AFE, etc).

Maintenance Supervisor (MS) – Perlak (Aceh) Based

Perform mechanical maintenance activities; interface with production/well and support services. Perform development submission & facilities control, plant/ production equipment maintenance budget & expenses AFEs. Ensure compliance of breakdown & preventive maintenance programs, and critical devices function test.

For above positions Bachelor degree/higher in related degree/engineering background with min. 10 years position track in related oil and gas experience.

Drilling Engineer (DE) – Jakarta Based

Prepare well design, drilling program and schedule, AFEs, specifications for rigs & equipment, Scope of Work for tenders, detailed well operation plan, etc. Review and supervise drilling operations at work-site.

Facilities Engineer (FE) – Jakarta Based

Perform all key activities & initiatives on conceptual & detailed design, project engineering & EPC management for surface facility scope of work. Participate in AFE proposal preparation, submission, progress monitoring and in surface & production facilities operation and maintenance.

Production Supervisor (PSV) – Perlak (Aceh) Based

Lead and direct field production and well operations as well as maintain equipment reliability to achieve safe and optimal production.

Lab & QA Technical Officer (LQE) – Perlak (Aceh Based)

Update, maintain and review QA management system and programs. Develop and implement measures to inspect and measure quality standards in compliance with quality policies, specifications and industry standards. Implement process oriented quality control metrics to track performance and compliance.

Logistics Coordinator (LC) – Perlak (Aceh Based)

Coordinate and manage the field logistics and warehouse inventory by establish processes to efficiently receive, handle, respond, to, track, and close-out material requests. Ensure effective management of costs relevant to logistics activities. Develop SOP/process flow to receive, issue handle and track inventory materials and physical assets of Company. Familiar with MESCOD and KIMAP.

Procurement Staff (PQ) – Jakarta Based

Assist the Procurement and Contract Manager to prepare all tender documents starting from registration till contract award. Assist in vendor registration process. Understand and follow tender process of PTK-007.

Finance/Cost Control Officer (FC) – Perlak (Aceh) Based

Responsible for day-to-day financial operations / budgetary activities as well as preparation and submission of monthly statements / reports.

Document Controller (DC) – Jakarta Based

Set up & maintain documentation system in accordance with the industry requirements. Index, catalogue, file in a systematic & easily retrievable manner, update and maintain all documents in the documentation system.

For positions above Bachelor degree/ higher in related degree/ engineering background, with min. 5 years position track record in related oil and gas experience.

Security Group Leader (SGL) – Perlak (Aceh) Based

Perform all security tasks to ensure work site is safe to carry out field operation activities, and maintain good external relations with communities in surrounding areas.

Diploma degree to related degree background, with min. 15 years proven track record in security and good external relations networking.

Interested and qualified incumbents are welcome to submit your complete application to the address stated below not later than 30 July 2010.

Recruitment Department, Pacific Oil & Gas (Perlak) Ltd.
Jl. M.H. Thamrin no. 31, Jakarta Pusat 10230
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Nama : Syahruddin, S.TP
ttl : Banda Aceh, 26 juni 1984
status : Belum menikah
Alamat : Banda Aceh
Pendidikan : Sarjana pertanian Univ. Syiah Kuala
No. Hp : 087890347199

Saat ini saya membutuhkan pekerjaan. Hubungi no. Hp saya.terima Kasiih.
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Nama : Muhammad Ikhral R
Ttl : Buket Pala/ 08 Juni 1988
Alamat : Ds, Buket Pala. Kec, Ranto Peurelak. Kab, Aceh Timur.
No. Hp: 085261700470
Email :
Twitter : @ikhral

Segera hubungi saya melalui alamat/twitter/no HP.
jika membutuhkan/merekrut tenaga kerja.

Terima kasih.
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Nama :
Tempat/Tgl Lahir : Batuphat Barat,18-07-1987
Alamat : Ranto Peurelak. Kab, Aceh Timur.
No. Hp : 085277151676
Email :

Segera hubungi saya melalui alamat/No HP.
jika membutuhkan/merekrut tenaga kerja.

Terima kasih.
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Nama : Al - Alambia, ST
Tempat/Tgl Lahir : Cunda,08-November-1982
Alamat : Jl. Medan-B. Aceh
Dsn. Kuta Kareueng No. 16. Mns. Mesjid Cunda Kota Lhokseumawe.
No. Hp : 0852 606 33 153
081168 1182
Email :

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Nama : Edi Purnomo
Tempat/Tgl Lahir : Alue Leuhop 4-febuari-1989
Alamat : Gampung Alue leuhop,Kec Cot Girek
Kab Aceh Utara
No. Hp : 0813 269 88 241
0852 778 68 733
Email :

"Saya siap untuk bekerja"
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