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July 3, 2011

Lowongan Kerja PT. Permodalan Nasional Madani (PNM) tahun 2011

History of economic development in Indonesia, including the economic crisis in 1997, has raised awareness of the power sector of micro, small and medium enterprises and cooperatives and potential future prospects.

Strategic value is then realized the government by establishing PT. Permodalan Nasional Madani (Persero) on June 1, 1999, as state-owned special task effort to empower the Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises and Cooperatives (UMKMK).

The task of empowerment is done through the provision of financing services and management services, as part of the implementation of government strategies to promote UMKMK, in particular a contribution to the real sector, in order to support the growth of new entrepreneurs who have business prospects and are able to create jobs.

PT. Permodalan Nasional Madani (Persero), or "PNM", was established as the implementation of Decree XVI MPR/1998 and in Government Regulation No.38/1999 dated May 29, 1999, with authorized capital of Rp1, 2 billion and paid up capital of Rp300 billion. A few months later, through the Minister of Finance No. Kep. KMK 487 017 dated 15 October 1999, as the implementation of law No.23 of 1999, PNM was appointed one of the SOE Coordinator for distributing and managing 12 schemes of Credit program.

After eleven years of operation, along with the increasing public and business confidence to the company, until now, the company remains focused UMKMK channeling funding to the community that the results are enjoyed by more than one million heads of households and 1,500 microfinance institutions around the country.

Now, in the face of global crisis, the role of PT PNM (Persero) in strengthening the structure of the national economy through the empowerment and development UMKMK, the more relevant and needed. Therefore, many activities have been and are being conducted during 2009, whether it be the development of activities that have been done in previous years, as well as the form of new innovations.

One of the important innovations made in the previous year of the establishment of Capital Services Business Unit Micro (ULaMM), which will do direct financing. To the perpetrators of Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs). In the years has successfully established 12 ULaMM as a pilot project in DKI Jakarta and West Java. With the presence ULaMM is expected to be a growing number of MSEs that can be served eventually able to improve their businesses. In the Year 2009 is ULaMM have served in 184 points spread across the archipelago.

In carrying out its activities, ULaMM not just limited to the distribution of capital but also do coaching and mentoring in the form of trainings and consultations on the MSE, so that business may grow to be able to access greater capital, including capital from other financial institutions.

ULaMM Attendance is expected to be an alternative for MSEs that had not yet covered by other financial institutions. ULaMM market share reached over to the micro business with a relatively small loan. In addition, momentum is also used as a base turn around business enterprises in order to maintain sustainability, accelerating business development and expansion of outreach services to UMKMK, in entering the era of the second decade. Fore, PT PNM (Persro) will focus more on expanding the network either through UlaMM as a form of direct financing, or through various types of MFIs as partners in reaching out to actors UMKMK.

Planned ULaMM will grow to 250 units in 2010, and to 600 units in 2013 or later. This service will remain in synergy with various Micro Finance Institutions / Sharia (MFI / S), Banking and other Financial Institutions, in order to increase regional economic activity and growth.

PT PNM (Persero) will also further develop the activities of non-financial services through the Service Management Service Capacity Building in the form of activity, whether it be training, mentoring, information services and Information Technology (IT). Capacity Building activity is expected to be a distinct advantage for PT PNM (Persero) which is not owned by the micro finance services performed by other financial institutions.

Various successes have been achieved during 2009 will continue to increase in coming years. Strategy and target accomplishments have been poured in Long-Term Corporate Plan (RJPP) approved the 2009-2013 period shareholders. Therefore, the support of all parties including the government is expected that the PT PNM (Persero) can further optimize its role as a strategic partner of the perpetrators UMKMK.

Now Permodalan Nasional Madani is opening position for Indonesian citizens for ULaMM (Unit Layanan Modal Mikro) to fill the positions as:

  1. Loan Officer
  2. Sales / Marketing Officer
  3. Collector Unit
  4. Cashier
  5. Supporting Staff
  6. Unit Manager
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